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Wha? You write too?

Yes, Ma'am. Or Sir. Here's What's on the Cooker:

Hauling Porn 


Hauling Porn, my forthcoming novel, is the story of Lauren Hadley—ARTistic savant. A thirty-something art photographer, Lauren is at the same crossroads his father had been when he turned his small town arthouse theater into a porn theater, trying to pay the bills. The move precipitated Morris' estrangement from the town and the family. Lauren learns of his father's death, and of a strange inheritance: A dilapidated 42' wooden motoryacht, on blocks, and a shipping container full of porn reels leftover from his failed theater. But when Lauren sees the boat, something happens. He can't let it go. He has to save the Aeris. He has to try. 

The Substance of Addiction


The Substance of Addiction is not a memoir of substance abuse, but the philosophy I developed as a result of my personal experience with substance abuse.
I draw into focus the definition— the "substance" of addiction—in practical, clear language. I layout the thinking errors that make people prone to addiction—and the right thinking that helps individuals and families recover. 

The Substance of Addiction is a philosophical antidote for substance abuse. 


The Blind Monks Elephant


The Blind Monks Elephant: An unexpected path to overcoming illness. For years I suffered from chronic illness, fatigue, and a constellation of related symptoms. I went to doctor after doctor. I got sicker. It bankrupted me. And when I no longer had access to doctors, an amazing thing happened—I started getting better. Through a careful process and a food/health journal, I followed the evidence away from doctors' advise and into the best health of my life. I can show you exactly how I did it. 


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