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PAINTING First 100

Then, in 2015...

In 2009, I made a committment to lead a creative life. That meant writing, drawing, inventing and bringing ideas into the world. Then, in 2015 something happened. I watched this video by Ira Glass on creativity. His advice? Just do a LOT of work. He couches it as advice for beginners. I think it's advice for everybody. It helped me expand from writing into painting without the consraint of perfectionism—the fear of failure. It gave me a new way to think about creative process. 


I had painted in my teens a little, and again in my twenties, just a little. I'd wanted to paint more, but something had slowed me down. The Ira Glass advice broke it wide open. I made a goal: I'm gonna paint 100 paintings as quickly as possible. And I did. And I evolved rapidly. I can see the progress unfold. Maybe you can, too? These early works—what's left of them—are special in that they're the beginning. And if you buy one, you should know the story: These are among the Ira Glass First 100.

Paintings Oil on Panel. Hand framed. 
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