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Pricing & Financing

J. Wesley Willis | Fine Art

If You Love It, I Want You To Have It

My approach to pricing: Be able to say "Yes" to everyone who loves my work. So I started with very affordable prices. And I make a habit of creating some small pieces for affordability. In 2020 I began creating Framed Limited Edition Hand-Finished Canvas Prints, to offer another affordable option. So I can say "Yes" to people who want to buy work from $100 to $5,000. 

Standard Pricing for Framed Originals


 Framed, oil on panel originals: $2.00 per square inch. (This is a guideline and may vary.)

Very Small

13" x 10"



15" x 12"



17" x 14"



20" x 16"



28" x 20"



36" x 24"



48" x 36"



60" x 40"


Subscriber Sales


I offer subscriber-exclusive discounts and previews of work not posted elsewhere. Sign up here.

NEW 0% Financing Options

I can take automated payments! I'll ship your work now.  Why not? People usually finance things they'll own for decades. You'll have your painting for your whole life. So there's nothing wrong with taking some time to pay for it. Just tell me what painting you want. Decide what incremental, automatic credit/debit card payments you want to make. I'll send you an electronic invoice. Voila! Expect your piece in about two weeks. 

Friends & Family (Yeah, I'm Talkin' to You.) 


If you want to pay the standard price to support my creative vision, great. You can. But I'm inviting my family and friends to say, "I love this piece, but it's not in the budget." I'll do my best to make it affordable. 


Some of you have purchased 3, 4 or 5 pieces of original work. You're buying another one? You can pay the standard price if you want. I'll let you. But you're also a VIP. Want a collector discount? I'll give you one. 

Flexible Pricing

See the pattern here? If you love it, I want you to have it. Buying my art is a transaction like any other. But you're also amplifying my creative vision. You love it but it doesn't fit your budget? Let's make it affordable. You want to pay the standard price to amplify my voice? Great. Want to pay more to underwrite my creative vision? Buy more work. Give it to people you love. 

Price Increases

While I started out very low my prices are increasing 15% a year, so now's always a bargain. 


If You Love It, I Want You To Have It

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