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Why buy art?

There's A Secret...

There's a secret to buying art—a reason some people buy and enjoy art, and others do not. The reason is simple. Some of us feel the justification for wanting to live with art. But some of us don't quite feel that permission. 

Some think they don't know enough about art; Don't know if they're buying the right art; Don't know if it's worth it, or if they should only spend money on things with utilitarian value. 

Let's set it straight: You have PERMISSION. You have permission to love whatever you love, because you feel it in your heart. And if you love it—and if you can afford it—you ought to have it. 

And here are a few reasons:



Art buoys your soul. Food sustains your body. Medicine may heal. And objects often make life easier. But art makes your short time here richer and better and more important. 


A car lasts ten years. A vacuum lasts five. A pair of pants, two? But a painting will last a lifetime. In fact, it may last many lifetimes. When you consider how long they last, they're very inexpensive.


People tend to think of art as a luxury—not something utilitarian, like a lawnmower. True, you can't mow your yard with an oil painting. But go to a place where there is no art. No beauty. No expression. Stay a little while. It will prove the utility of art—that art is necessary and utilitarian to the spirit.

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