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LAP Desk

A Workspace With Soul.

Working in bed? You don’t have to forego the opulence of a beautiful office, just because your feet haven’t hit the floor yet. These elegantly ergonomic lap desks bring beauty and handmade craftsmanship into your most person workspace: your bed. (Or sofa. Or the floor. Or the yard.)



Loved one convalescing? Our spirits flag when we’re sick or injured. We’re deprived of movement and the beauty of nature. Bringing a functional piece of art—a beautiful, organic shape and the tactile pleasure of wood—into your convalescence will buoy your spirit like a trip to an art museum. A gift that says I really love you. 


  • Maple frame/Mahogany case

  • Maple frame/Walnut case

  • Cherry frame/Walnut case

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