"The World Is Beautiful..."

It occurred to me the other day that David Hockney is my favorite person to listen to on the topic of art. Then I wondered why exactly that is. I love his paintings, but that’s not the reason I love to listen to him. I love the way he talks. That might be part of it. But I think the real reason is that he has such a deep and unapologetic love for painting—such an enthusiasm for art—that it feels like he gives me permission to love it as much as I really do.

That must mean there’s a voice somewhere, or voices, that say there’s no reason to love it that much. It’s not that important. It’s not that wonderful. But I think it is and hearing David Hockney talk about it makes that a more comfortable place to be. And he’s right. The world is beautiful if you look. It really, really is.


David Hockney

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