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Baño de la Curandera (The Healer's Bath) 
34” x 23”

Oil on panel

Free Shipping in Continental U.S. 

Hand Finished Canvas Prints also available. Just ask. 

A curandera is a folk healer: a person who heals injuries of the body and soul using a combination of herbs, massage, and prayer. In the Mexican tradition, curanderas ask their “patient" to gather the herbs and ingredients needed for healing. 

This piece depicts a story about a curandera who healed a woman’s uterus after a difficult childbirth. The curandera boiled a large pot of rosemary branches and poured them into a bath. The curandera wrapped the woman’s abdomen very tightly in cloth strips and placed her into the rosemary bath. After soaking for hours the curandera removed the woman from the bath, re-wrapped her in clean sheets, and put her to bed for several hours. The woman was healed.

Baño de la Curandera (The Healer's Bath)

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