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“Eastbound, Eastside. Sandy Boulevard.” Original oil on panel. Framed. “16.5” x 12”. 

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I was just on the east side of Portland, visiting friends. I pulled to the curb. When I looked up, I saw this, my very favorite kind of light—the magic urban twilight—the “witching hour” when natural light fades to night, activating man-made light. The two are inversely disjoined: one rises, not just as the other recedes, but because of it. 


It’s a crossing of light and time.


I watched a second. Turned my camera on. Took a three photo burst just as this oncoming car’s light exploded past the eastbound car. Sometimes I think carefully about what I’ll paint next. Sometimes it hits me in the face. This hit me in the face. 


And 71st and Sandy feels like the heart of East Portland. It’s central east-west and north-south; the gritty center of a concrete maze of backlit signs, vacuum repair shops, U-Hauls, bus stops and bars. And somehow poetry in the midst of it. There are marvels everywhere. 


If you love it, DM fast. Most pieces don’t last an hour on social media. But I’ll also have framed, hand-finished canvas prints available. Both the originally and the hand-finished prints are surprisingly affordable

Eastbound, Eastside. Sandy Boulevard

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