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“Mid-evening Light Near The Airport Dike Trail”

22” x 17"

Limited Edition Hand Finished Canvase Print


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A handful of the paintings damaged in a 2020 house fire were repairable. I set them aside in my studio, which is where the original for this piece stayed for over a year.  It was covered in a sort of cement created by loose cellulose insulation and water from the fire trucks. I started repairing and finishing it by brushing it off with a stiff house painting brush. Then I gently wiped it down with turpentine on a cotton rag. Even with the cleaning, it was still a bit beat up. And only about 80% complete. 


Where fire debris—lathe and plaster—had falling from the ceiling and damaged the paint, I just repaired the mark by painting in a daylight moon. I finally completed it after it survived the fire. 


Astorians will recognize this a favorite field of our resident Elk. It’s right past Jeffers Garden, over the Lewis & Clark Bridge, near the entrance to the Airport Dike Trail. There are so many gorgeous landscapes in every direction from this spot. In the background you can see the Peninsula Astoria calls home. It’s a favorite place to walk and paint. And a great birdwatching spot. 





Mid-evening Light Near The Airport Dike Trail

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