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10" x 14"

Limited Edition, Hand Finished Canvas Print

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I love getting notes from collectors after they unbox their new painting. The  note I recieved when this collector recieved the original of "Near Sunset..." was a little different, because the buyer wasn't the one who did the unboxing. She bought “Near Sunset...” for her daughter in Oregon.

The two of them have hiked together all over Oregon. In fact she sent me a photo from her daughter’s phone, taken on one of their hikes, that could have almost been the source photo for this painting. Reading this made my day:“My daughter got the painting and is over the moon about it! My phone was blowing up with messages from her! She couldn't stop raving about and analyzing it! She even adores your brush strokes, which has tremendously piqued my curiosity! (She graduated w a degree in Interior Design.) She hung it immediately. She loves the frame, too. 

Thank you again for making my daughter so happy and for making me a rock star of a mother! YOU, sir, are a rock star of talent and of kindness!

Near Sunset, Fort to Sea Trail

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