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14.7" x  11.9" 


Hand Finished Canvas Print

Limited Edition, 50
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For years, I wondered why bulk carriers line up in a row in Astoria. Then I learned they are waiting their turn at the Port of Portland. They can anchor here in the mouth where there's lots of room and it doesn't cost them thousands of dollars. When the port is ready for them, they make their up upriver through the narrower channels. 

I saw these two early one morning on my way to Portland. About 5:00 a.m. I imagined the merchant marines were already stirring around and drinking coffee onboard. I wanted to join them. 


Sunrise, Columbia

  • What Is a Limited Edition, Hand Finished Canvas Print?


    My hand finished canvas prints begin with a high quality print on primed, canvas roll. This is a "giclee print", which is a print made by a high end, large format, high resolution inkjet printer.

    These specialty fine art printers have improved radically in recent years, often surpassing the quality of traditional printing methods. 

    After the image is printed on canvas, I mount the print on on 1/4" birch plywood, trim the plywood, and put the piece on my easel. Then I begin a technique called "glazing" where I'm enhancing the darkest darks, the lightest lights, and the most color saturated hues by hand. 

    I occasionally rework different areas. Hand finishing is essentially like starting work on the original painting nearly that's nearly complete. So if I see a place I want to develop a little further, or modify a bit, I do it. 

    When the paint is dry, I clear coat the canvas for durability. 

    I hand frame the piece, then add wire and bumpers. 

    Finally, I sign and number it with its number within the limited edition. 

    Each hand finished canvas print is unique. 

    While not intended to look like the original (which are usually painted on panel, not canvas) patrons regularly report that they look like originals and have a "hand finished" look. Most people don't think they look like prints because of this hand finished qualities. 

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