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Charity Auctions

& Other Donations 

Artist • Writer • Designer

A Sustainable Philosophy of Giving


My Policy:


  • If I have the work available, I'll donate 25%, 50%, or 75% of the auction price to approved charities or civic causes. 

  • Most will be 50%. We'll decide the level of support based on the causes need and my ability at the time of the auction.  

My Philosophy:


It's a standard practice for charities to ask artists to give them art for auctions. That puts the artist in league with often affluent auction buyers, because they're foregoing the income they would have earned from their work. Yet the vast majority of working artists do not match the economic profile of those bidding at charity auctions. Thus, it excludes most working artists, leaving high income professional artists and hobby artists with another source of income.

For most working artists, it makes far more sense, to donate a portion of the auction proceeds and be compensated for a portion. That gives the auction the art they need, and gives the artist some economic support, albeit less than had they sold the work themselves. And it makes for a higher end event.

The benefits of this model of art auctions:

  1. It engages more developed artists.

  2. It generates more revenue for the cause. 

  3. It makes art auctions a sustainable practice for most artists. 

  4. It avoids soliciting work from artists who are civic minded, yet can't truly afford the loss of income.

It's a win, win, win:


The charity raises more money: Instead of getting a donation of art worth $250, they might get art worth $1,500. If they keep half, they've raised $750 instead of keeping all of $250. They know they can go back to the artist year in and year out, because it's a sustainable model. And bidders value the art and the experience more because of the high high level of work. 


Contact me about your charity auction. 

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